Zelda & Malon - Moonlight Magic

Added to the gallery: 6/12/2011

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In the Hyrule Castle Garden, Princess Zelda indulges in a private audience with a surprise midnight visitor. Malon, body trembling with desire, thrusts forward to lock lips with the welcoming princess. It's a night Malon has longed for ever since she set eyes on the mysterious and handsome Sheik. That her mystery man should turn out to be a woman only excites her more.

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The Kiss...

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Malon and Zelda, deeply intimate.

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Character Statistics

Name: Zelda
      Height: 5ft. 6in.
      Weight: 124lbs.
      Bust: 34 inches
      Waist: 22 inches
      Hips: 34 inches
      Cup size: C
Hair Color: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Title: Hyrulian Princess

Name: Malon
      Height: 5ft. 7in.
      Weight: 128lbs.
      Bust: 38 inches
      Waist: 22 inches
      Hips: 34 inches
      Cup size: E
Hair Color: Burnt orange
Eyes: Blue
Title: Ocarina of Time

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