Blog: Maybelle WIP

By Cutepet
Blog: Maybelle WIP

Here's a preview for my next picture, involving adorable busty Pokegal May (or Maybelle as we'll be calling her!) leaning against her bike. Plus the usual nude/futa/bikini versions.

Rough concept.

Alternate pose idea.

Swimsuit Mode!

Foliage studies.

Painting the background.

Sketching the bikini over a nude May.

Finished lineart!

Basics are blocked in, but still so much to do.

Working out the skin...

Check out the finished illustration here:
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Wearing sleek riding gear, a tattooed and extra busty Maybelle perches atop her mountain bike, taking a short break before she continues her trek to the beach for some fun... Plus riding gear, nude, and futa versions.

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