Comic Preview: Meat Maid Mila by TMChu

By Cutepet
Comic Preview: Meat Maid Mila by TMChu

Meat Maid Mila
Status: Complete
Written and Illustrated by Tentacle Monster Chu
23 pages, with animated sequences.

Meat Maid Mila, Meade Maid Milly or Meaty Mound Mia are just some of the nicknames bestowed upon her by guests of the legendary seaside tavern, Cataclysm. A tavern that dabbles in more than just food and drink! Most who visit are adventurers heading out to sea in search of the lost treasures of the Unkindred, a perilous journey that few survive. Mila (Me-Luh) rarely sees repeat customers, but more often than not, they already know her name! Her notoriety is great for business, but Mila soon discovers that not all patrons are civilized...

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