Meat Maid Mila returns in a new adult comic installment of Mila Minis by Tentacle Monster Chu! Plus, new pinup by Mina Cream featuring Rosalina from Mario Galaxy.
Up close and personal with Felicia's sudsy feline body as she gets clean in the bath, from her smiling face, to cute paws and soapy backside!
For our next project, we're taking part in HutanariC's Futanari Love & Chocolate Art Collaboration. Western and Eastern artists come together to create beautiful futanari girls!
Meat Maid Mila works at a seaside tavern serving rowdy adventurers meat, mead, and more...Special comic preview!
It's here, the new and improved Cutepet.org! We've been working on this new site redesign for quite a while. Here's some of the great new features you'll find within.
Meet freckled blonde track girl Freeta! Dash -n- smash through Ecchi-Star's creative process, from rough sketch to final colors.
Here's a preview for Ecchi-Star's next picture, involving adorable busty Pokegal May (or Maybelle as we'll be calling her!) leaning against her bike.
Clair kneels nude in the pumpkin patch before a full moon, gazing pensively in the distance. Special story preview!
New project for Halloween. Meet Pumpkin Witch Assistant Clair. Progress sketches, color roughs, and naughty pumpkins by Ecchi-Star!
Here's a selection of recent pictures featuring our Futanari Angels! Cecilia smiles shyly as she spreads her legs and slides down the stripper pole...
We can't stop thinking about Bowsette. Here's my take on this breathtaking Koopa-hime. Character design process by Ecchi-Star!
Priscylla Pizzell awakens to find herself transported to a surreal 8-bit world. A controller-shaped creature promises to help her if she fulfills its strange request...
Ecchi-Star's next project is a collaboration with Mina Cream, reworking and expanding her FE Lyndis sketch into a full illustration! Here's a peek at the process.