For our next project, we're taking part in HutanariC's Futanari Love & Chocolate Art Collaboration. Western and Eastern artists come together to create beautiful futanari girls!
Meet freckled blonde track girl Freeta! Dash -n- smash through Ecchi-Star's creative process, from rough sketch to final colors.
Here's a preview for Ecchi-Star's next picture, involving adorable busty Pokegal May (or Maybelle as we'll be calling her!) leaning against her bike.
New project for Halloween. Meet Pumpkin Witch Assistant Clair. Progress sketches, color roughs, and naughty pumpkins by Ecchi-Star!
We can't stop thinking about Bowsette. Here's my take on this breathtaking Koopa-hime. Character design process by Ecchi-Star!
Ecchi-Star's next project is a collaboration with Mina Cream, reworking and expanding her FE Lyndis sketch into a full illustration! Here's a peek at the process.